The Braintech Consortium (BTC) publishes reports on Braintech from time to time. You can learn more about BrainTech, its history, sectors, companies, and more.

Braintech White Paper

The Braintech White Paper is a translation of a report published by Neurotech Analytics with permission. It includes a history of Braintech, an overview of each field, and a list of companies, providing an overview of Braintech.
At the end of the BrainTech White Paper (page 36), we include the BrainTech Chaos Map 2021 (created by Mediaseek) (updated 11/19/2021). The map provides an overview of the many companies and research institutions participating in the BrainTech market.

Future Reporting

The BrainTech Consortium plans to produce various white papers and reports in the future. We are looking for corporate and individual members, and plan to hold study sessions and other events for those who join the Consortium.