The BrainTech Consortium (BTC) has established a corporate membership system to promote interactions among researchers, businesses, and investment institutions.

Membership Overview: Dues and Privileges

Dues (tax-free) and benefits for corporate members are as follows.
Annual dues are paid in a lump sum and are prorated on a monthly basis when joining midway through the year.

TypeCorporate Member (General)Venture Member
ConditionAll corporations that do not qualify as Venture MembersLess than 30 employees and established for more than 2 years
Unlisted corporations less than 5 years old
Annual Fee120,000 yen/year60,000 yen/year
BenefitSubscribe to email newsletters (industry trends, etc.)
Access to working group proposals and activity logs
Free participation in BTC-sponsored events
Discounted participation in BTC-sponsored events
same as on the left

Admission Procedure

1Application for AdmissionPlease apply for membership using the Membership Application Form.
Please submit the following documents when applying.
Company profile (website URL is acceptable)
A copy of the company registration or financial statements (for the most recent one year. (URL of annual securities report is also acceptable)
2Admission ScreeningThe secretariat will contact you after screening your membership.
3PaymentThe secretariat will issue and send an invoice.
4Registration CompleteAfter confirming your payment, we will contact you to complete your membership registration.
We will proceed with granting access privileges, logo posting, etc.

Other Inquiries

Please contact us using the inquiry form.