Boost BrainTech Industry and Create Ecosystem


Industrialization of Brain Tech and Creation of its Ecosystem by Integrating Brain Science and Technology

It has already been more than 20 years since the 21st century was proclaimed the century of the brain. A vast amount of knowledge has been accumulated in brain science, and through the fusion of brain science and technology, various avenues of application and commercialization are emerging.

In response to this growing momentum, the BrainTech Consortium will create the foundation for an ecosystem where researchers, businesses, investors, and others interested in BrainTech, a fusion of brain science and technology, can come together to explore new value and possibilities. The Consortium will contribute to the realization of a prosperous and better future by opening its doors not only to experts but also to the general public.

The BrainTech Consortium is looking for corporations and individuals who agree with our objectives.

  Annual membership fee (no admission fee) Definitions and Conditions
Corporation Corporate Member (General) 120,000 yenNot applicable to venture members
All corporations
 Venture Member60,000 yenLess than 30 employees and established for more than 2 years
Unlisted corporations less than 5 years old
IndividualVolunteer Member
(Pro bono)
NoneConsortium operations and activities
Those who are committed and cooperate with us, such as support
 Community Members
(FaceBook Group
None Everyone is welcome to participate.

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